Móakot is a name of a small farm on Vatnsleysuströnd. The farm as now been abandoned for many years but in 1879 my great-grandmother Kristín Jónsdóttir bought the farm only twenty years old at the time. She was a farmer and later married Bjarni Sigurðsson, my great-grandfather. They lived at Móakot until 1923, when they moved to Hafnarfjörður. My grandmother Margrét was their only daughter and lived most of her life in Hafnarfjörður. She taught me to how knit as a child. She passed away in 1983. As can be understood my brand name Móakot is very dear to me since it connects me to my roots.

I call my sweaters Settlements Daughters and Sons. I emphasize on natural material in my design, but my sweaters are only knitted from pure wool, cotton, linen. Today there is an innumerable supply of quality yarn and it is often difficult to choose one over the other. Of course we all have our favorite yarn and I encourage you dear knitters to take your liberty and choose for yourself which yarn you knit my sweaters in. If you choose another yarn, make sure that the knitting gauge is the same as given in the pattern for best result.

Good luck

Við notum vafrakökur til að tryggja þér bestu upplifun á vefsíðu okkar. Með því að halda áfram heimsókn þinni á þessa síðu samþykkir þú notkun þeirra.