On this page you can buy and download knitting patterns from Móakot. In our design, we emphasize old traditions and a good choice of materials. Natural materials such as wool, cotton and linen always guarantee you a better result and a garment that will last you longer. Today there is an innumerable supply of good yarn and it is often difficult to choose one over the other. Many knitters have their own favorite yarn and I encourage you dear knitters to take your liberty and choose which yarn you knit our sweaters in. When choosing a different yarn, it is important to follow the knitting gauge provided in the pattern.


New pattern
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New in

Lóa is knitted top-down with a single strand of plötulopi from Ístex. The sweater is extremely light and comfortable. This oversize sweater will keep you warm on cool summer nights.

Our story

Before you start knitting your Móakot cardigan or sweater I want to tell you the story behind my logo and design. Móakot is a name of a small farm on Vatnsleysuströnd. The farm has now been abandoned for many years but in 1879 my great my great-grandmother, Kristín Jónsdóttir bought the farm only 20 years old at the time.

Við notum vafrakökur til að tryggja þér bestu upplifun á vefsíðu okkar. Með því að halda áfram heimsókn þinni á þessa síðu samþykkir þú notkun þeirra.